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Space Savvy Solutions for

Small Bathroom Remodeling in Jacksonville, FL

Do you feel like your bathroom is bursting at the seams? Are you constantly bumping elbows with your partner while brushing your teeth? Does it seem impossible to store all your toiletries and towels?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Small bathrooms present some unique challenges. But with smart design and clever solutions, you can transform your tiny bathroom into a stylish, functional oasis.

Bathroom Remodel JAX understands the frustration with little bathrooms. As Jacksonville, FL’s experts in small bathroom remodeling, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners maximize their modest spaces.

Keep reading to find out how to maximize your space in your small bathroom!

The Challenge of

Small Bathrooms

First, let’s examine why small bathrooms can be so frustrating. Limited square footage means every inch counts. There’s no room to waste on poorly planned layouts or bulky furnishings. Storage space is scarce, so you have to get creative with organizing products and linens.

The cramped quarters also make it tough for multiple people to use the bathroom comfortably at once. And if your home has old, outdated finishes or fixtures, a small bathroom can end up looking even more closed-in and dated.

While these issues present some design challenges, a clever remodel can work wonders. The key is optimizing the layout, storage, and aesthetic details to give the illusion of more space.

Your Guide to Small Bathroom Remodeling

in Jacksonville, FL

Rethink the Layout

Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Elevate the Style

Three Tips for Choosing the

Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Small Bathroom Expertise

Look for local contractors who specialize in bathroom remodel in Jacksonville, FL. They will have experience designing for and navigating. Opt for a contractor who is well-versed in the unique challenges of modest square footage.

Innovative Space Solutions

When looking for remodeling contractors in Jacksonville, FL, make sure they suggest creative ways to maximize every inch. A great small bath pro will reimagine the layout with smart shifts like corner showers or relocated sinks.

They’ll also propose storage solutions you may not have considered, like recessed wall cabinets or under-sink drawers. Ask contractors how they’ll address your specific size and layout issues. Look for ones who think outside the box.

Client Testimonials

Find out what past clients with small bathrooms have to say. Read reviews that mention space constraints. Pay attention to feedback on their creativity and problem-solving skills. Opt for a company with a proven ability to meet challenges similar to yours.

Other Services Offered by

Bathroom Remodel JAX

Complete bathroom remodels:

Transform existing bathrooms with new layouts, fixtures, tiling, cabinets, lighting, and more.

Shower and tub installations:

Expertise in customized showers, walk-in tubs, jacuzzi tubs, and accessibility features.

Tile and grout services:

New waterproof tile installations as well as repair of existing tiles and grout.

Vanity and cabinetry installation:

Amplify storage and style with custom vanities, mirrors, shelves, and more.

Plumbing and fixture upgrades:

Improve function and aesthetics with new toilets, faucets, showerheads, and more.

Bathroom renovation and repair:

Optimize existing bathrooms with targeted repairs and updates.

ADA and accessibility modifications:

Modify bathrooms for accessibility needs.


Great question! We love getting creative with storage in tight spaces. Some of our favorite tricks are using wall-mounted cabinets, installing shelves in the shower, tucking narrow cabinets between studs, and taking advantage of under-sink space.

There are several illusions we can create to make a petite bathroom feel open and airy. Using light, neutral colors on walls, floors, and counters keeps things visually uncluttered. Large mirrors or reflective surfaces add depth without taking up floor space.

Absolutely! We specialize in creating completely customized designs tailored to each client’s small bathroom. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, problem areas, and style preferences to develop a one-of-a-kind remodel plan. All our projects are totally unique and cater to the homeowners’ needs.

For an average-sized small bathroom (25-45 sq ft), we can usually complete the remodel in 1-2 weeks. Larger projects in the 50+ sq ft range may take closer to 3-4 weeks. Of course, we’re happy to work around your schedule and availability!

We love helping homeowners add energy-efficient elements to their new bathrooms, no matter the size! Some popular options are low-flow toilets, LED lighting, heated floors, and recirculating pumps on corner shower units.

Ready to Remodel

that Small Bathroom?

If you’re in the Jacksonville, FL area, Bathroom Remodel JAX can bring a refresh to your tiny bathroom. For over a decade, we’ve specialized in ingenious small bathroom remodels. Our experts can reimagine the layout, storage, and finishes to transform cramped, dated bathrooms into a relaxing space to unwind.

Reach out today to schedule your design consultation. We can’t wait to help you unlock the potential of your bathroom space!

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