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Renovation: Designing Your Ideal Bathroom

Turn your dream bathroom into a reality with Bathroom Remodel JAX. We believe your bathroom should be a personal sanctuary, reflecting your style and meeting your needs. Our expert team offers tailored, high-quality renovations, working closely with you from design to installation.

Your dream bathroom is closer than you think.

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Looking to renovate your bathroom? It’s time to let your creativity flow! At Bathroom Remodel JAX, we have a plethora of bathroom designs that can inspire you and help you envision your dream space.

From modern minimalistic designs to classic vintage styles, our portfolio is a treasure trove of ideas. Each design showcases our commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetics. We invite you to view our favorite bathroom designs and find ideas that resonate with you.

Customer Considerations for

Bathroom Renovation:

Latest Trends in Bathroom Design


Oversized Colorful Tiles:

Warmer tones are now in trend.


Free Standing Tubs:

They give bathrooms a modern and sleek design.


High-Tech Bathrooms:

Expect to see smart showers, mini-fridges, and automatic sinks.

How to ensure the renovation adds value to your home?


Change Tiles and Flooring:

Switching up the tiles can improve both function and style.


Upgrade Your Toilet:

Eco-friendly or low-flow toilets help water conservation.


Maximize Storage:

Proper storage can make even the tiniest spaces feel well organized.

What are the options for sustainable and eco-friendly materials and fixtures?


Organic Towels:

One of the best ways to make your bathroom greener.


Shower Heads:

Installing a new shower head is an easy way to reduce water consumption.



Installing an eco-friendly faucet can make your home more environmentally sound.

Tips for Choosing the

Right Remodeling Contractors

1. Track Record:

Prioritize contractors with a proven track record of successful bathroom renovations. Look for reviews, testimonials, and before-and-after photos of their previous projects.

2. Transparency:

Ensure transparency in pricing and timelines. A good contractor will provide a detailed estimate and a realistic timeline for the project, helping you avoid any hidden costs or extended disruptions.

3. Comprehensive Consultation:

Choose contractors who provide a comprehensive consultation. They should take the time to understand your vision, needs, and preferences, and work with you to design a bathroom that meets your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To start the process of your bathroom renovation, you can schedule a free consultation with us at Bathroom Remodel JAX. We offer complete bathroom remodeling services, allowing you to reconfigure the space, optimize every inch, and make the most of your bathroom’s potential.
Yes, we specialize in transforming small bathrooms into spaces of relaxation, functionality, and beauty. We can create a layout that maximizes storage, improves traffic flow, and provides ample room for your daily activities.
The typical timeline for a bathroom renovation can vary depending on the exact scope of work. However, for a major bathroom remodel, it is usually recommended to allow around 1-4 weeks from start to finish.
We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless and stress-free experience for our customers. We work diligently to complete your new bathroom on a timeline with minimal disruption to your home.
Yes, we guide you through a vast selection of high-quality materials, balancing durability, aesthetics, and cost. Whether it’s the bathtub material or the tile for your shower walls, we ensure every element contributes to your dream bathroom.

Other Services Offered by

Bathroom Remodel JAX

In addition to our comprehensive bathroom remodeling services, we offer a range of other services to enhance your bathroom and meet your specific needs:

1. Luxury Vanity Sink Remodeling:

We can transform your vanity sink into a luxurious and functional centerpiece of your bathroom.

Our team can design and install custom cabinets that provide ample storage and add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.
Whether you need to repair existing tiles or install new ones, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of tile options to suit your style and budget.
If you’re in a hurry, our one-day remodel services are the perfect solution. We can give your bathroom a fresh, new look in just one day.

Whether you need a small or large renovation, our professional team has the tools you need to ensure the best bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville.

Ready to Begin the Journey to

Your Dream Bathroom?

We at Bathroom Remodel JAX are excited to help you begin the journey to your dream bathroom. Let’s create a space that not only reflects your style but also meets your needs.

Your dream bathroom is just a click away.

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